Worshipful Master’s Address

Worshipful Master’s Address

Greetings Brothers,

It is an honor and a privilege to be blessed with the opportunity to serve as Worshipful Master of King David Lodge #18 this Masonic year. I will enter into this role with humility and gratitude and it will be with passion, fervency, and focus that I will strive to provide servant leadership to the Craft. In the words of Past Master Kenneth Fagan, “I shall give all that I have to execute the duties of this office with excellence. It has been proven time and again that no one man can accomplish this. The success of the lodge depends on the preservation of harmony among us and the commitment of every able member. We should all be mindful of that which the trowel spreads. It is what will transform us from individual stones to a united band of brothers.”

The following passage from Psalm 133:1 resonates with me as I reflect upon my aspirations for the upcoming Masonic year, “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity!”  I have observed the energy that exists whenever the Brothers of “THE” King David Lodge #18 get together.  Whether enjoying conversations over libations and cigars or breaking bread together, the genuine joy and fraternalism is contagious.  I am eager to create opportunities for fellowship, as well as, opportunities to serve the broader community together.

The theme for this upcoming Masonic Year is, “The Time is Now! Now, is the Time!” Our various communities have a thirst for positive men of color to make their presence known and felt through community service and visibility.  My goal in this Masonic year is to ensure that the traditions that have served us well for 155 years are maintained, as well as, leverage the collective time, talent, and  resources of the Craft to inspire petitions, deliver valuable activities, and lead with administrative excellence to fulfill the lodges trust placed in our officers. I humbly seek your assistance and support in our endeavors this year. I will solicit the wisdom and guidance of our Past Masters, as well as the thoughts and opinions of all our Master Masons. Every member is essential in making this lodge successful. We will do our best to take into consideration the uncertainty of the present and future challenges of the pandemic as we navigate the journey. We will wisely use our 24-inch gauge to make the best impact on the Craft, our families and our communities.

Over the years, we have accomplished great things, both individually and as a lodge. We have members who have contributed to the improvement of the Fraternity and the world abroad in various roles, stations and occupations. Let us always remember to reflect on our rich history as we move toward a bright future.

Fraternally in your service,

Roland R. Selby, Jr.
Worshipful Master