Worshipful Master’s Prayer

Great Architect of the Universe, it is with humility that I come before you on behalf of the men and families of King David Lodge #18.  I thank you for the covering that you have provided us during the turbulent times of Covid-19.  I pray for continued peace for the families that experienced a loss of a loved one and I ask for Your covering and blessings as we prepare for our upcoming Masonic Year.

Please provide our collective body with wisdom, a spirit to serve others, and the peace of harmony to work together as a fully functioning and productive body such as the beehive. I pray that You bless us with clear minds, sincere intentions, and disciplined tongues.

Almighty and Eternal God, teach us to know that Your love is eternal, that through You life is eternal. That with You there is no horizon for horizons are nothing but a limit of sight and with Your leading, we can see clearly. Grant us grace to see the task that You would have us perform, courage to proceed, and in our doing let us reflect Your love and peace.

Guide us, Oh Lord, to ever walk toward Your light that our shadows might ever lie behind us. Let us perceive our blessings that we may ever serve you with a happy heart and a quiet mind.  Amen.

Roland R. Selby, Jr.
Worshipful Master
King David Lodge No.18